History of Sylvie Pejoux Restoration

I have been undertaking this profession for fourteen years, after being trained in the art of porcelain and enamel restoration at Versailles.

My partner was already a horologist, and I decided to undertake restoration work on the cases of the pocket watches that arrived for repair which were often in poor condition.

The items which I repair can be broken down into several categories; watches, pocket watches and clocks and for each, they may be of a different type (or combination) of materials including enamel, earthenware, gilded or silver-plated metal, porcelain, glass, alabaster etc;

Whilst clock faces are very often white, do not forget that white is never white!

Also the surface finish can vary from brilliant luster to matte.

The true art of restoration is being able to make such repairs invisible.

For examples of my work, please see the restoration techniques.