Obtain a quotation for restoration

Quotations:   After taking account of the minimum restoration work required for any project, and the materials provided by us to undertake such work, our minimum quotation is 40 €.
    All restoration projects will require a firm estimate before work is undertaken. I will be happy to provide you with a rough estimate by telephone and this will be more precise if you can send me photos of the item to be restored.
    It goes without saying that the estimate will only be firm when the restoration project arrives at our studio for a full evaluation.
Method of dispatch:   It is strongly recommended that all the restoration projects are sent in appropriate packaging with insurance for loss or damage. All the packages that I send back are insured and sent via the post, or another carrier if specified by the customer.
    Quotations include the cost of return postage, packing and insurance.
    Where customers decide not to proceed with the restoration project, costs involved in returning the item (postage, packing, insurance) will be at their expense.